What have the candidates got to say?

Candidates' Meetings

September 26- Mayoral Candidates
September 27- Council Candidates


Civic Hotel
Starts at 6 PM


We will be sending out a list of questions to all candidates for Mayor and Council. When the candidates return their answers, they will be posted below. If you have a question that you would like answered in this format, please submit to election2022@downtownsurreybia.com before Sept 9.

On the evening of the Mayoral Candidates’ meeting, there will be questions asked by the Downtown Surrey BIA, two questions asked based on the answers provided by the candidates. We will then provide the candidates an opportunity to pick questions based on specific categories: Public Safety, Livability, Vision for Downtown Surrey, City Hall/Local Governance, Transit/Transportation and Pot Pourri. If you would like to have your question included in one of these categories, please submit to election2022@downtownsurreybia.com before September 14. As time permits questions (written) will be accepted from the floor on the evening of the event.

Candidates – if you have not received a list of questions by September 12, please send an email to Bonnie at info@downtownsurreybia.com with “election 2022” in the subject.

Mayoral Candidate Answers

Gordie Hogg

Jinny Sims

Council Candidates Answers

John Gibeau

Paul Orazietti

Debra Antifaev